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Ben900-1Benenden Healthcare in York have been regular clients for Office Design & Project Services Limited for over a decade. Over these years we have completed many projects at their head office in York. These varied from installing additional office furniture to relocating or building new office partitions. These projects were primarily focused on achieving increased staff numbers of improving team efficiencies. Due to the establishment of a new business arm, it became clear they required more office space and the decision was made to acquire an adjacent vacant office unit.

With our successful track recored of previous office projects, Benenden invited ODAPS to undertake a feasibility and planning phase. This started with a detailed consultation process to ascertain how the new office space could be used to alleviate pressure in the existing building and create the specific environment required to suit the culture of the new department. Consulting with the team leaders and managers helped us identify key criteria for the new office plan.

The finalised brief called for a sleek and contemporary office using modern office furniture, desks and partitions. To accommodate this our office design included full height frame-less glass partitions, full height doors, feature bulkheads, a combination of feature carpet tiles and vinyl planks and bench desks. Privacy being a specific aspect of the design, the glass partitions were specified to be double glazed with banged etching for superior acoustic and visual performance.

To achieve a superior level of functionality and appearance we included other details such as wall decals, a feature back lit signage panel, desk screens with monitor arms and desk top power blocks. The overall design was required to be within a tight budget set by Benenden. The costed design was presented to both the staff and management and met with approval from all.

Following approval ODAPS undertook the works on site in a 5 week programme from commencement to handover. The finished product was met with universal praise. In fact, Benenden Healthcare were so impressed they have since adopted this office design to be applied as a corporate standard for all future office refurbishments.

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