Helping business get back to work during the COVID 19 pandemic 

ODAPS offer a range of services to help businesses get back-to-work safely. For instance, providing complete office back-to-work plans and implementation services. However, if you require a smaller service, such as sourcing bespoke screens and installing them, ODPAS will do this too. Within this page you will find details about works we can readily provide. If you do not find what you was looking for, or have any enquiries, please contact us to discuss alternatives.


´╗┐Receive expert advice so you can get back to work safetly.

ODAPS posses numerous qualified architectural technicians that specialise in office interiors. In addition, ODAPS have provided successful back-to-work planning for multiple businesses and stay up to date with any updates on guidance. In other words, our plans will be functional, aesthetic and not compromise legislation.

Space optimisation

ODAPS can provide modern and functional solutions to any office space.

The office layouts we provide focus upon maximizing usable space that complies with COVID government guidance, but does so without disturbing the flow of your office.

After consultation, our team of designers will compile a plan to optimise the layout of your office for you. If the data and electric fittings need rearranging because of this, ODAPS can provide this service too.

Within  the planning ODAPS will also formulate walkways that incorporate one way systems where possible, to reduce the frequency of people passing one another. Supplementary screens may be included too, for any congested areas.

Amongst all this ODAPS actively seek to incorporate your corporate colours, ensuring that the general aesthetic of the office is not compromised.

What you can expect.

ODAPS go the extra mile when implementing our back-to-work plans. We provide the option to create custom signage so that the COVID measures do not disrupt the professionalism of the office space

Maximum Occupancy Signs

Offices are full of enclosed areas. It is essential that all staff are aware of how many people should be within a space a any given time, to prevent close contact and congestion. 

Door Sliders

As some rooms  prevent those outside from seeing in it is important to install a door slider, especially if they are small. This is because it prevents any close interactions  occurring, as people don’t have to walk in to find out.

If you are struggling to find the perfect fit for your office furniture ODAPS can provide bespoke perspex screens, made to order.

No matter the size and shape of the desk or table, we can provide a solution. Many of our clients require more than a standard screen suit their safety requirements and we can tailor our services so that they can meet them without compromising the office’s aesthetics.

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