Temporary Office Furniture & Desk Hire

Whatever your requirements, ODAPS can provide cost effective office furniture hire. From a couple of desks to a large scale office environment, we can supply all aspects of office furniture for short or long term rental. This includes desks, chairs, storage cabinets, meeting tables and any other furniture you may require.

Our service includes space planning to achieve the best layout and use of space whilst ensuring the area complies with current building and health and safety legislation. As part of the process, we can move any existing furniture, and upon completion remove the temporary desks and re-instate existing furniture.

We can also provide crate hire to move existing storage and personnel effects around for the duration of the desk hire

Our experienced team can handle the whole project making alterations to existing data and electrical points to suit the layout, as well as installing additional points if required. We even have the in-house expertise to unplug & reposition computers, and repatch data connections to keep the project under our tight control.

We maintain a comprehensive array of temporary office furniture and can usually work to timetable, however tight your deadlines are and often at very short notice.

As always, we’re here to make life easier for you.