Future proofing

At ODPAS we consider the bigger picture, stretching beyond solely delivering a functional and aesthetic office solution . When designing an office that will last there are four key principles that we apply to ensure that our clients are satisfied years after works are complete.

Our focuses to ensure the longevity of a build

These can be broken down into four key components. 

realising goals

To be able to prepare for changes the business may encounter it is imperative to understand what their goals are, as you can envision the resulting effects on the office space and plan accordingly.

understanding the business

The function of the business dictates the facilities required. From our experiences with a large variety of clients in different sectors we can apply aspects they found beneficial in the planning process.

economics and flexibility

As business acquire or reduce personnel the requirements of the office will change and may require adjustment. Equally, personnel can change and as a result heir needs will too. We strive to account for both of these factors, providing a solution that can adapt and change with the company.

material selection

Evidently the correct selection of materials is key for the life of any build. Our years of experience provides a foresight into how parts of a build can deteriorate over time and how to best counteract this.

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